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Interested Personnel    
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Fresh out of the Academy?

Interested in joining the Alpha Centauri Institute?

Recruiting Status - REFERRAL ONLY

This is our recruitment policy:
a) Fill out an application in the applications section of the forum (Here).
    1) Once this application has been filled out and approved, the applicant will be invited into the fleet.
    2) Applicants will be granted access to member forums here.
b) Candidates are required to meet with senior staff officers for an in character interview.
    1) Please note that this interview is to be entirely in character.
    2) Out of character commentary should be kept to an absolute minimum and should be properly marked with either (()) or OOC:.
c) Any member with a fleet rank of Fleet Captain or higher may give this interview.
d) This interview will encompass several questions to determine the quality of the individual and how well they will fit with the ACI.
e) Once this interview is finished, the candidate will be required to add themselves to the roster here on this site. Additional instructions are available from your interviewer if necessary.
f) Upon completion of the above steps, the Candidate will be deemed an Associate.
g) Associate is our "trial member" rank. Members will hold this trial rank for two weeks.
h) Associates that are active and participatory will be automatically promoted to their RP rank at the end of this two week trial. Those that are not will be given a second chance, but not a third.
i) Please note that - in game - there is no distinction between Candidate and Associate ranks. Characters at either of these levels are given the merged rank of Candidate-Associate. This is due to a lack of ranks available for the in game system. We apologize for any confusion.

You can view the rest of our regulations here.
Please feel free to post an application on the forums.

Recruting Chat    
In order to enter the chat room, you must be at least an associate of the guild.
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